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Our (New) Favorite City in the World

It's hard to choose the best place you've traveled to--especially when you love traveling so much. We both obsess over the organized chaos of Tokyo--so much that Nate says he could live there. After spending a week in a charming apartment in Tuscany, we began googling real estate. (We also gained a combined total of 20 pounds on that trip.) But we have a new favorite…

6 Reasons to Visit Cuba Right Now

This past January, we took a week-long trip to Cuba and had such an incredible experience. We decided to spend the entire week in Havana, and I can't tell you how many times we'd be walking down one Instagrammable street or another and say, "I feel like we're in a time warp." Really, it's like nowhere else we've been, and now is the time to visit if you've not. That said, Cuba is one of those places in which it helps to do a bit of research and planning before you leave (unlike some of our trips where we totally wing it). Luckily, I gleaned loads of valuable info from my fellow travel writers. Here, a few of our favorite reasons for visiting Cuba right now.